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nro_4118_page_001_section_221Each year we receive several hundred new accessions (deposits of records or artefacts). These can range in size from a single item, for example, a photograph, through to several hundred boxes of records. As we accept records into our custody we create an accession record. The information that we record includes a brief description of the item, covering dates, details of the provenance of the item and the status of the deposit, in other words, whether it is a purchase, deposit (long term loan) or a gift. The vast majority of records are deposited with us and remain the property of the depositor and their heirs.

We regularly produce a list of the accessions received over a six month period. This is generated from our electronic collections management system and provides brief details of the deposit. If you would like further information about the deposit you should consult our electronic catalogue or speak with a member of staff who will be pleased to advise. 

The purpose of the list is to allow users to become more aware of new deposits of material. Not all of the items that are referred to on the list will be available for public consultation. Some may be subject to a closure period because of confidential content. Others may not yet be catalogued and therefore cannot be produced. A member of staff will be pleased to advise with regard to access.

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