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Archive Workshops

World War One
A 3 part workshop which explores the impact of war on your local community, including a research session in the archives, dramatic interpretation and a 'fit for war' training session.  KS2/KS3

World War Two: Home Front
Experience life on the Home Front in this workshop using archives, objects and oral history reminiscences.  Organise your food for a week using rations, practice the air-raid drill, organise an evacuation of school children and make your own gas mask.  KS2

Children in the Mines
Explore attitudes to child labour in 19th Century England.  Interview doctors, teachers, parents and mine owners to find out if it is safe for children to work in coal mines and debate your conclusions.  KS2/3

Local Hero - From Blyth to the Antarctic
Discover the amazing journey of Captain William Smith from Blyth who discovered the Antarctic in 1819.  Uncover his story with our archives sources.  KS2

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