Big Meetings

 22nd September - 23rd December 2012

Photographer Julian Germain was invited to experience and chronicle the 2011 Durham Miners’ Gala. With attendance exceeding 100,000 people, the Big Meeting is one of the largest political events in Europe, Julian was invited to document the meeting itself, the parade, blessing of the banners in Durham Cathedral and the speeches. Visiting former pit communities including Chopwell, Easington and Esh Winning, Julian photographed local residents with their banners, brass bands in their practice room and activist groups meeting ahead of the gala. His pictures explore the ideas of identity and cultural tradition, and question the nature of politics at a point in history when it is widely held that Socialist ideals have been buried by consumerism.

This was produced in partnership with: Woodhorn Museum and DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery

 Image credit: Kevin Gibson Photography

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Printed: 20/07/2018
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