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Brick Planet Breaks Records

Woodhorn Museum in Northumberland has just experienced its busiest week ever thanks to the popularity of getting creative with LEGO.

Over 14,000 people visited the museum during the 9 days of the half term, four and a half thousand more than even the first week of opening in 2006, and over 11,500 people visited the admission-charged Brick Planet exhibition featuring models constructed from LEGO® bricks by artists Warren Elsmore.

“Crowds have flocked in to see the exhibition and enjoy the rest of the Woodhorn site over the holidays,” explained Director Keith Merrin. “We thought that LEGO would be popular subject for an exhibition, but we were astounded by the sheer numbers who turned up. We are really grateful for the patience of our visitors and hard work of our staff in keeping the at times huge queues moving along as fast as possible.

“Our Dinosaur Encounter exhibition over the summer was our must popular to date, but it seems LEGO has an even greater appeal right across the generations and to prove it, our records for paid admissions into an exhibition were broken on three consecutive days last week.”

With a few days of February remaining, the museum anticipates that that this month will have the highest visitor numbers since the opening month in 2006 and the year as a whole will be the busiest since that opening year.

“It’s been an amazing week at Woodhorn with the museum buzzing everyone working flat out to keep the site moving and visitors happy,” said Keith. “Fortunately, for anyone unable to get along last week, there’s still plenty of time for LEGO fans to see Brick Planet.”

The exhibition runs until 22nd March and then again from 1st April until 31st May. Full details on opening times and costs are available on the website