Coal Town

There's a lot to fit in before bait-time!

Woodhorn Colliery and the people who worked it were typical of a world that has vanished forever. So what was coal mining really like?


Coal Town is Woodhorn's engaging and interactive permanent exhibition. Through the eyes of the Ashington community, you’ll discover the true story of coal mining in Northumberland.coaltown2_200

You’ll set off in 1918... walking to work... at one in the morning...


As the decades fly by, you’ll encounter some fascinating folk.

They’ll take you into their homes... on picnics... marches...even on strike. 

coaltown4_200You’ll cram into the ‘cage’ like a sardine, experience the joys of washday, learn to love leeks, discover the art of the ‘Proggy’, and what grinding hardship does to people.

You’ll be amazed. You’ll be fascinated. You’ll be moved. Because this is one experience, you'll nivver forget!

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Printed: 20/07/2018
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