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THE WILLIAMS EXPEDITION: Rediscovering Antarctica

February 10th 2018 to May 7th 2018 temporary Exhibition

Discover the little known story of William Smith, a carpenter’s son from Seaton Sluice who built a ship in Blyth and discovered Antarctica.

On a trade voyage in 1818, having survived pirates and sailing through treacherous gales, Captain William Smith made the first recorded sighting of Antarctica, the islands now known as the Southern Shetland Islands.

Although he died in poverty and unrecognised for his achievements, Captain William Smith is being remembered by the people of Blyth today.

Find out how this extraordinary Northumberland story has inspired the community to repeat his adventures today though the Blyth Tall Ship project.

This is a touring exhibition produced by Blyth Tall Ship.

Please follow this link  for details of our new membership scheme.  

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