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Northumberland Archives - Consultancy Services

Northumberland Archives are pleased to work with groups to develop bespoke sessions for which preparation time will be costed. We can offer venues for training or deliver training within the local community. Evening sessions are available. Where training takes place in community venues a mileage is charged at 45p per mile.

Archive Study Centre Tours with Mentor Sessions

We offer use of the Study Centres at Woodhorn and Berwick-upon-Tweed on closed days with dedicated staff providing guidance on research techniques, behind the scenes tours and one to one mentor advice up to a maximum of 10 people. Groups of over 10 people can be accommodated by special arrangement but require the support of an additional member of staff. Standard rates are: half day sessions (4 hours) £150; full day sessions (7 hours) £250. These rates apply to sessions with a single member of staff. Costings can be provided for additional staff members. 

Collections Management Training

We offer a range of training around collections management  - guidance can be provided on methods and procedures for accessioning and cataloguing, use of recognised cataloguing standards and development of in-house cataloguing styles; development of collections management systems; managing IPR issues around collections; management of loans in and out; managing a robust locations system including the movement of items for use in temporary exhibitions; appropriate methods of labelling collections including guidance on marking and labelling of collections and preservation packaging and storage of collections.  Consultancy can be tailored to the individual needs of the group. We will be pleased to discuss requirements with you.  Standard rates are: half day sessions (4 hours) £150; full day sessions (7 hours) £250. Shorter or bespoke sessions are charged at an hourly rate. 

Digitisation Training

We offer workshops setting out best practice and providing technical advice and specialist training around digital conversion of artefacts, archives, audio etc. We also offer advice on equipment purchase and long term digital preservation issues. Standard rates are: half day sessions (4 hours) £150; full day sessions (7 hours) £250.

Exhibition Design

We offer design and installation of small / temporary exhibitions based around your own content - from pop-up banners and flat panel interpretation boards to large scale digital printing and audio visual interpretation. We also provide advice and guidance for the development and delivery of larger scale, innovative and ambitious exhibition projects. We can offer real examples of past exhibition projects produced at varying scales and budgets. We can explore potential partnership opportunities to maximise your resources and impact. We can provide useful, reliable contacts for exhibition design, AV, manufacture & installation within the region. Standard rates are: design £26 per hour with printing / installation starting from £50 and large scale exhibition advice from £150 per half day.

Image Sourcing

We are able to source images from within our collections for use in exhibitions, project publicity, website design, commercial reproduction etc. Hourly charges and royalty fees apply.

Museum Development

We offer a range of training around museum development with comprehensive advice on setting up a museum, collections care, conservation, visitor services, managing volunteers, applying for grants, managing grants, Heritage Open Days and guidance around Museum Accreditation. Standard rates are: half day sessions (4 hours) £150; full day sessions (7 hours) £250.

Object / Artefact / Archive Handling and Preservation Packaging

We offer training in best practice around archive and artefact handling and the use of appropriate packaging materials to ensure long term preservation of original items. Standard rates are: two hour sessions £90; half day sessions (4 hours) £150; full day sessions (7 hours) £250.

Oral History Training

We offer training in oral history methods and techniques and associated IPR issues. We also offer advice on equipment purchase and long term digital preservation issues and can assist projects to develop User Packs for interviewers. Our standard session is a half day (4 hour) session £150. Supplementary training can be offered. 

Project Support

We offer a range of support to ensure your project succeeds from the point of conception right through to delivery. Many of the services already noted can be provided as a complete package. Support can be on going during the lifetime of the project with as much or as little consultancy time as required. Standard rates are: half day sessions (4 hours) £150; full day sessions (7 hours) £250

Records Management and Archive Storage

We offer training in maintaining current and semi-current records with associated retention scheduling. We also offer storage solutions for current and non-current records, as well as archive storage for manuscript, photographic, magnetic and optical formats including compact discs and external hard drives. Charges are calculated based on specific requirements.


We offer a professional Research Service using our own collections and other web-based resources. We can also provide guidance on sourcing collections held elsewhere. Our standard research charge is £26 per hour. An Express Service is also available at £52 per hour.

Retail Opportunities

We offer advice on developing unique and bespoke retail product/s and ranges, including recommending tried and tested suppliers who can offer specific services or low minimum orders or print runs. We can assist with product pricing, profit margins and order quantities, as well as retail display and visual merchandising training. In addition, we can provide advice on retail customer profiling - finding out who your visitors are, what they are likely to spend and how to evaluate and track this (spend per heads, average transactions and overall visitor conversion rates). Leading on from all of this we can offer advice on how to develop a retail buying policy – how to decide what to buy (or what not to) in keeping with the organisation/museum/attraction they represent, e.g. historical, local and sustainable, for children or adults. Staff time charged at £37.50 per hour.

Volunteer Management

We have extensive experience in volunteer management and are able to offer training around this. The guidance that we can offer includes volunteer recruitment and retention, assignment of tasks, creating role descriptions, record keeping for projects and writing volunteer agreements.

World War One

As the centenary of World War One approaches we have developed specific training around sources for researching World War One related topics. We have expert source knowledge and are able to advise on related IPR issues. Standard rates are: half day sessions (4 hours) £150; full day sessions (7 hours) £250.  


We can develop workshops or short courses around palaeography (reading old hands), research techniques for family and local history and sources. Workshops can be developed to project requirements. Standard rates are: half day sessions (4 hours) £150; full day sessions (7 hours) £250. Additional charge for development of new workshops.


These services are offered to assist community groups meet their project aims. We are pleased to discuss the possibility of being a project partner and of providing letters of support for potential projects. We encourage groups to discuss project requirements with us prior to the submission of a full application.

For further details and an informal discussion please contact:

Sue Wood, Head of Collections
Telephone: 01670 624469

Linda Bankier, Archivist, Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office
Telephone: 01289 301865
E- mail:
[For projects in north Northumberland]