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Digital Copying

We are pleased to provide digital images or high quality prints from original documents in our custody where copyright, owner restriction and physical condition allows.


All copy orders are subject to copyright legislation. Archives staff are pleased to advise on copyright as it applies to items in their custody. All clients are required to sign the appropriate Copyright Declaration Form before orders are processed. For further information on Copyright follow the link.

Digital Images and Colour Prints

When photocopying is not possible digital images or colour prints can be produced from original documents. Orders placed in the searchroom will be processed within 10 working days and can be collected in person, e-mailed or posted at an extra cost. Digital Images supplied on CD-R incurr an additional cost of £2.00. Where copies are required on the same day an express service is offered. This price is double the standard charge outlined below.

                   Size          Digital          Print
                   A4             £4.25            £4.25
                   A3             £5.75            £5.75
                   A2             £10               £12.50
                   A1             £12.50          £15
                   A0             £15               £17.50
                   A0+           £20               £25

Download the Digital/Colour Order Form by clicking on the link. Where clients are unable to visit in person and view the documents to be copied a  Copy Estimate can be undertaken. With digital / colour estimates no handling charge is added. If you require this service then please e-mail in the first instance.

Ordnance Survey (OS) Copying

We can provide full copies of OS sheets either on plain paper or digital. Two sizes are available and relate to small OS sheets, such as quarter sheet 6inch maps which cost £7.00, and large OS sheets such as 25inch maps which cost £10. Staff will be happy to advise clients on their particular requirements. If only a section of the map is required ie. A4 section then the charge is per Digital Images / Colour prints above. Digital images can be e-mailed at no extra cost or written to CD-R for an additional £2.00. Where copies are required on the same day an express service is offered. This price is double the stated charge.