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Family Trails Shortlisted

August 6th 2014

New Family Trails Shortlisted for Award

Families visiting Woodhorn Museum, Berwick Museum and Art Gallery, Hexham Old Gaol and Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum this summer will be delighted with great new illustrated museum trails which have been designed especially for children and parents.

The pocket-sized guides have been beautifully illustrated and hand written by designer Daniel Weatheritt and the entertaining and informative content researched and compiled by Jenny Dockett. They worked together with front of house staff over several months to identify the things that visitors loved and enjoyed which would provide them with exciting and fun content.

Jenny Dockett wanted the finished trails to be a keepsake for children too. “We wanted a trail that would also be a souvenir of their trip and so we made a map inside a little booklet.

“I feel strongly that children appreciate good design and would enjoy something that felt like a small object of desire. Something that feels nice in your hand and that opens itself to reveal lots of treasures.”

boy_blue_woodhorn_200Each of the trails feature a special illustrated character: the Woodhorn trails are introduced by Boy Blue, a racing pigeon who gives a pigeon’s eye view of the museum and explains a bit about the history of the former colliery site; Berwick Museum features a gull called Hawksmoor; the Bagpipe Museum in Morpeth has piping pig Melrose; and at Hexham the guide is rodent Cawood whose ancestors have lived in the country’s oldest prison for 700 years.

“My biggest challenge,” said designer Daniel Weatheritt, “was to create something accessible to both adults and children, compact in size yet bursting with illustrations and factual information. I also had plenty of opportunities to practice my handwriting as the trail designs are completely handwritten.

“It has been brilliant exploring some of our most well-known museums in Northumberland and an absolute pleasure to work on the family trails project.
We have such a rich history here in the North East and this knowledge has been channelled into the trail designs to make them as authentic as possible.

Daniel is keen to encourage families to visit each museum and pick up a trail. “They work really well as a set and it's great that you can visit all of these fantastic museums and build your very own family trail collection.”

Keith Merrin, Director and Chief Executive of Museums & Archives Northumberland which incorporates the four museums, is thrilled with the final results.

“The trails so attractive and are proving to be very popular with visitors, but we’re delighted that they have also been shortlisted for the pocket media most creative design award. Members of the public can take part in the voting until 7th August by visiting Pocket Media Awards at:

Full details of all four of Museums & Archives Northumberland attractions can be found at :


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