Group Visits and Tours

Woodhorn is a great place to bring a group anytime.

Free admission and open all year.
Free coach parking and refreshments/lunch for the driver. 
Group discounts on pay-for exhibitions.

If you can, please let us know you are planning to visit. It really helps us to be prepared for your arrival especially at peak times. Call 01670 624455 or email. 

Why not make the most of a group visit to Woodhorn and take one of our special guided tours:

Woodhorn Archives Tour 

Our archives tour provides a rare glimpse into what happens behind the scenes to documents from when they first arrive at Woodhorn, to the conservation area, and onto their final resting place. Find out about the amazing diversity of our collections which cover over 800 years of Northumberland’s fascinating history and how we look after the millions of documents in store. Fully Accessible.

Price: £3.95 per person. Duration: 1 hour 

Maximum number on tour: 10

Great Woodhorn Tour

Take a journey around the Cutter Building for an in-depth tour of our permanent exhibitions: Coal Town, Follow the Banner and The Ashington Group (Pitmen Painters) as well as a look behind the scenes into one of our Archive strong rooms. Fully Accessible.

Price: £3.95 per person. Duration: 1 hour

Maximum number on tour: 15

Family Colliery Tour

Find out some amazing historical facts about our colliery buildings on our Family Colliery tour aimed at younger visitors and families. Climb the stairs of No. 2 Winding House to see the huge winding engine in action – the power behind the pit wheels and the cages that carried the men below ground and the coal above. Tour can be adapted to be accessible.

Price: £2.95 per person. Duration: 1 hour

Maximum number on tour: 15

The Darkside Tour

Find out about the dark side of Woodhorn and the human cost of coal. Enter some of the colliery buildings usually off limits to the public and see the amazing machines and equipment needed to keep the colliery running and safe. This tour takes you on a journey through time back to the first colliery death at Woodhorn along with an in depth look into the Woodhorn Colliery Disaster of 1916.  This tour is not fully accessible to those with walking difficulties.

Price: £3.95 per person. Duration: 1 hour 

Maximum number on tour: 12

Unseen Woodhorn Tour

This tour takes you into some of the many buildings we have on site at Woodhorn which are not normally open to the public.

You will have the opportunity to see and experience for yourself some of the hidden gems we have at Woodhorn.

The tour takes you into Winding House Number 2 to see the last operational steam winder in Northumberland and possibly the last one in the country; the Walker fan building and fan drift; the large object store to see some of the larger items in the museum`s collection such as coal cutters, lathes and industrial guillotines; back of house in the archives and finally to see the ‘memoirs’ of Oliver Kilbourn ‘My Life as a Pitman’.

Price:£3.95 per person. Duration: 1 hour

Maximum number on tour: 12

Pitmen Painters Tour

A brief talk (approximately 15 minutes) in the gallery by a member of our customer host team with the original paintings which form part of the Ashington Group Collection at Woodhorn.

This is followed by an opportunity to view within a strong room some of the other work of the Ashington Group (notably My Life as a Pitman by Oliver Kilbourn) not normal on public display.

Price: £2.95 per person. Duration: 30 minutes

Maximum number on tour: 12

To find out more or make a booking generalenquiries@woodhorn.org.uk or telephone 01670 624455.

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