Investigating Industry with the Delavals
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Investigating Industry with the Delavals

In the mid-18th century, developments in industry and technology across Britain paved the way for what would become known as the Industrial Revolution.


In Seaton Sluice in Northumberland, the Delaval family established and expanded various industrial enterprises.  These included the founding of a glass works, the continuation of mining across the Hartley field and, in 1764, the cutting of a new harbour to better enable the shipping of coal and salt.

This workshop explores the different forms of employment created by the Delaval family: domestic service, glass production and coal mining.  It also examines how those in the area who were unable to work were provided for.

Pupils will research the different professions before taking part in an 18th century jobs fair and debate to decide which one they would sign up for.

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Section A: What evidence can we find of industry in Seaton Sluice?

Section B: Different jobs in Seaton Sluice