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Mining Workshops

Death, Danger and Disasters in the Mine
Investigate past mining disasters using archive documents which reveal the rivalry between George Stephenson and Humphrey Davy in the race to develop a miners’ safety lamp; the causes and consequences of the Hartley Pit Disaster 1862; and who was responsible for the 1916 Woodhorn Disaster. KS2/KS3

Working Down the Pit
Follow in the footsteps of a miner down the pit.  Experience what it was like to work underground, discover and handle objects, practice digging for coal.  KS1/KS2

Home Life
Roll up your sleeves and discover what life was like for the miners' wives.  Wash clothes and make proggy mats in our 1930s kitchen.  KS1

Miners' Strike
What was the true cost of the 1984 Miners' Strike?  Use museum displays, archives sources and interviews with ex-miners to find how the strike affected miners, their families, the community and the mining industry. KS3

Colliery Tour
Explore inside colliery bildings and discover the machines which sunk the shaft, provided ventilation and turned the pit wheel. All Key Stages.

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