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Northern Soul

4th December 2010 - 6th March 2011

Northern Soul: John Bulmer's image of life and times in the 1960's. The exhibition displayed forty images from the artist's lifetime in photo-journalism. The photographs covered a range of subjects reflecting life for working men and women in the North of England.The iconic images struck a chord with many who lived through this period, but also created new diaolgues with a younger generation.

Described as a pioneer of colour photography during the 1960's, Bulmer's work was included in the very first colour supplement launched by The Sunday Tumes in 1962. In 1965 The Sunday Times dedicated a special issue to 'The North'. For this assignment Bulmer made the groundbreaking decision to shoot mostly in colour. As he explained, 'It didn't occue ro anyone to take the north of Ebgland in colour- that was considered a black and white subject'.

The was produced in partnership with: Woodhorn Museum and The National Coal Mining Museum for England

Image Credit: John Bulmer