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Other Museums

Discover other fascinating attractions managed by Museums & Archives Northumberland.

Berwick Museum and Art Gallery

Take a peep through a window on Berwick's past and the stunning Burrell Collection. Uncover Berwick's battles and see its weaponry and medieval art and learn to distinguish dragons.berwick_064_5cm_200

 Hexham Old Gaol

Discover the dark history of the Gaol and terrifying Border Reiver raids. Learn about the area’s history and explore the buildings the Borderers lived in and enjoy an unforgettable learning experience.hexham_021_5cm_200

Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum

Find out about part of Northumberland's musical heritage. Discover the traditional Northumbrian pipes with their delicate chant and learn about aficionado, expert and collector, William Alfred Cocks.morpeth_039_cropped_5cm_200