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Welcome to the Northumberland Archives Shop. You can purchase many items and services via the online Woodhorn shop including archival products, research service and Archive Starter Packs. You can order copies of various images which are held as part of our Archive collections by following the instructions on this page, or you can explore our catalogue to find 1000s of images which can be downloaded for only £4.25.

Pitmen Paintings 

 oliver_kilbourn__miner_setting_prop_in_low_seam__c1950_200You can order copies of any of the paintings which are on display as part of the Ashington Group display in the East Gallery at Woodhorn. Click here to download the order form and follow the printed instructions. Prices start from only £7.50.

Coal Town

nro_2168316_221Various images from the Archives Collections were used in the creation of Coal Town , the coal mining exhibition located on the ground floor at Woodhorn Musem. You can order copies of these images by downloading the order form by clicking here.

Anglican Parish Map

parish_boundries_map_section_142We have produced an Anglican Parish Map for Northumberland. The map shows the boundaries in the pre-1974 county of Northumberland and lists the date of the earliest parish register that exists for each parish. The map is a useful finding aid for family historians who are unfamiliar with the location of parishes within the county, who wish to identify contiguous parishes and to identify dates of early registers. Click here to download the Order Form and follow the printed instructions to get your copy.

Over the years we have created numerous indexes to parish registers, census returns and many other sources useful for family history research. Click here to see the complete list together with instructions on how to obtain copies.

Conservation Products

cotton_roll_142The Archive uses numerous products for the packaging, care and storage of collections held at Woodhorn. Click here to view a selection of items which can be used for the safe storage of your precious items. All of the products can be ordered via the shop and dispatched within the UK.