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Remembering Slavery 2007

Remembering Slavery 2007 was a regional project to mark the 200th anniversary of the Parliamentary Act to abolish the slave trade in the British Colonies. One element of the larger project was an archival mapping project to identify material relating to the history of the slave trade in the north east of England. Much of this work was undertaken by a team of volunteers who were able to discover many references to the slave trade within collections held in repositories across the north east.  Details of some of this content and images of some items can be viewed in our electronic catalogue. The project culminated in the publication of Dr. John Charlton’s "Hidden Chains. The Slavery Business and North East England 1600-1865", (Tyne Bridge Publishing 2008). The volume includes reference to some of the material held at Woodhorn that was uncovered by the mapping project.

Click here to view the electronic catalogue