Research Undertaken

Family History
We hold the registers of parishes that form part of the Diocese of Newcastle - these  include registers of Anglican churches in the pre-1974 county of Northumberland that included the Tyneside area. We can search the surviving baptism, marriage, banns and burial registers for your ancestors. The parish collections also includes other material of interest to the family historian, for example, poor law and school records.

We also hold registers of Non-Conformist churches for the present county of Northumberland. These include records of Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic churches.

With all of these resources at our disposal it is possible that we can unearth those elusive ancestors which you have been unable to track down so far.

House and Community History
We are regularly asked "how do you research the history of a property?” A good starting point is to view the information recorded on the available census records, 1841 - 1901 or to look at Ordnance Survey maps. Did the property belong to one of the county's eminent families? If yes, we hold many estate records that may include information about tenants. We also hold a huge collection of Building Control Plans which were originally created and maintained by the relevant Local Authority. The early plans date back to the 19th century.  The plans are sometimes very beautiful, often in full colour and very detailed.
You can view a research report which includes an image of an actual planning file by clicking here.

Hospital Records
We hold a large number of records relating to hospitals within Northumberland.  One of our regular research requests involves searching for records of patients of St. George's Hospital, Morpeth - formerly the County Lunatic Asylum. Amongst the records of the hospital deposited with us are a series of very interesting case books. These books contain a wealth of information relating to medical conditions of the patients and in many cases reveal the sad stories of their lives. You may even be lucky and find a photograph of your ancestor in the relevant case book!

Much of this collection is covered by a 100 year closure period. If your ancestor was a patient within the last 100 years it will be necessary to supply evidence of your relationship to that person and we will need to obtain permission from the relevant authority to examine the case books on your behalf.
Click here to view an actual report which was undertaken for a client

School Records
We hold a large collection of school records, often including admission registers, managers' minutes, log books and even punishment books. These record the punishments administered to pupils for often the smallest of misdemeanours. School records may also include class photographs.

Some school records are subject to closure periods and we may need to seek permission from the relevant authority before we can search these records on your behalf.

Police Records
Did your ancestor serve in the Northumberland  Constabulary?
We hold a large collection of personnel records of offficers who served in this force from the mid 19th century to the early 20th century. These records provide a description of the officer, details of his service career and sometimes family information. More recent records often contain photographs of officers.

The more recent personnel files are closed to public inspection and we may need to seek permission from the relevant authority before we can search these records on your behalf. Where this is the case, you will need to provide evidence of your relationship to the officer and we will need to seek permission from Northumberland Constabulary before a search of these records before we can undertake a search of the records.
Click on this link to view an actual personnel record.

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