Self Photography

From June 4th we will be introducing a charge for self-photography in the Searchroom. You will be able to choose from four different permits, based on the amount of time you wish to use your camera for. You will be allowed to take as many photographs as you like in that time.

Prices are as follows:

£3 per Day
£10 per Week
£20 per Month
£50 per Year

Please also note that you will only be allowed to take your own photographs of the following material:

  • Board of Guardians records
  • Board of Trade records
  • Census records
  • Coroners records
  • Hospital & Health Authority records
  • National Coal Board and predecessor Coal Company records
  • Quarter Session records
  • Petty Session Records
  • 1910 Land Valuation records
  • 1st 2nd & 3rd Edition Ordnance Survey Maps (including Books of Reference)
  • Records created by Northumberland County Council departments (excluding planning records)
  • Records created by Rural/Urban District Council departments (excluding planning records)
  • Records of Parish Councils

If the document you require a copy of falls outside these classes of record you will be required to use our in-house Reprographics Service. No exceptions to this can be made 

Registered users of the Study Centres at Woodhorn and Berwick-upon-Tweed can use their own photographic equipment to make copies of many classes of records provided that they agree to certain conditions. A copy of the current guidelines can be viewed by clicking here. Users who wish to photograph material must register the camera and read and sign a copy of our Camera User Registration Form.

How Do I Become A Registered Camera User?

By completing the Camera User Registration Form and presenting it to the Study Centre Enquiry Desk. You only need complete the form once. We will then ask you to submit your camera for inspection by a member of the Reprographics Team. Once your camera is approved you will be asked to pay the relevant fee for the length of permit you require. You will be issued with a receipt, this will be proof of permit, please retain this and display prominently when you are using your camera.

 What Kind of Camera Can I Use In The Study Centre?

You can use any of the following:

  • SLR camera
  • Digital camera
  • Mobile telephone camera
  • Tablet camera

 Flash photography is not permitted and you must be able to switch the flash off.

Do I Need to Complete A Copyright Declaration Each Time I Use my Camera?

No – by signing the Camera User Registration Form you are agreeing to abide by copyright legislation each time you use your camera.

Can I Use The Images That I take With My Own Camera in A Publication?

By signing the Camera User Registration Form you are agreeing to make copies for personal research or study only. If you wish to use any image for publication you should refer to our Publications Guide and complete a Publications Request Form. Staff will be happy to discuss any publication request with you.


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Printed: 16/07/2018
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