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Shadows: Reflections

17th November 2012 - 3rd March 2013

The exhibition was an culmination of North East artist Clare Money’s residency at Woodhorn throughout 2012. Clare’s practice is concerned with notions of memory and place, and this new body of work explored two sites connected to the coal mining industry in South East Northumberland, Woodhorn Colliery and West Staithes, Cambois.

Throughout the residency, Clare became particularly fascinated by the shifting shadows cast by Woodhorn’s heapsteads and the continually shifting reflections of the Cambois staithes.

Through contrasting a preserved heritage site with a related site left to decompose, the viewer is invited to consider ideas of permanence and transience within both landscape and memory.

The work is realised in a range of materials & techniques, ranging from figurative drawings through to almost sculptural pieces as the materials gradually become the very surfaces they seek to depict.

Image Credit: Kevin Gibson Photography