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Stannington Children's Sanatorium

In 2013 Northumberland Archives received a grant of £77,717 from the Wellcome Trust to catalogue, part-digitise, and make available for future research the records of Stannington Children’s Sanatorium, which was the first purpose-built children’s tuberculosis sanatorium in the country.  Established by the Poor Children’s Holiday Association it opened its doors in 1907 and as the problem of TB began to lessen during the 1950s it became a general children’s hospital before eventually closing in 1984.  It was at this point that the historical records of the sanatorium were deposited with us which encapsulate a large series of patient records from c.1939-1966 including 14,674 radiographs.  We believe these records to be unique with particular interest to members of the academic community and hope to make them a useable resource by cataloguing and digitising them during the course of the project.

The project began in August 2014 and will run for a year.  During this time we will be running a blog to keep you up to date with the progress of the project as well as sharing stories from the records, including details from the medical records and radiographs, information on key figures involved in the running of the sanatorium, and the social role of the sanatorium.