Workshop One
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Table one

Table One - Maps

Below are PDF files of Ordinance Survey (OS) Maps from 1860 and 1920.  This part of the workshop will help pupils identify what has changed in Newbiggin between these dates.

Click on the picture links below to open full versions.

     OS Map 1 - 1860                                                 OS Map 2 - 1920

os_1st_ed_221_01                  3rd_ed_os_221

Was Newbiggin a big place in 1860? What makes you think this?

Pupils can be encouraged to think about what 'big place' means – in comparison to what?
If pupils know the area, they could compare it to how it is now, for example noting the absence of buildings in areas they know are now occupied. They can also compare it with the later map and see that it is smaller, or may count streets, amenities etc.

What jobs do you think people might have had?

Pupils may think about how they could guess what jobs people had. The fact that the town is near the sea would suggest that inhabitants were fishermen, and fields could suggest farmers.

The second map shows Newbiggin in 1920, just after the end of the First World War.
Can you spot three differences between this map and the 1860 map?

•    The town is bigger
•    Railway line and train station
•    Woodhorn Demesnes has increased in size
•    New school building close to Woodhorn
•    Colliery

Why do you think Newbiggin had become a bigger town by 1920?

•    Increased population
•    Presence of new colliery

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