Table three

Table three uses photographs from the turn of the 20th Century to illustrate life in newbiggin at that time.  Download each of the photographs by clicking on the thumbnails below.

nro_5283a265_221_01     nro_5283a267_221

nro_5283j17005_221    nro_5283j17026_221

nro_5283j17027_221     nro_5283j17036b_221

nro_5283j1779_221     nro_5283j17083b_221

nro_5283j1787_221     nro_5283j17096d_221

nro_5283j17109_221     nro_5283j17142a_221

nro_5283j17144_221     nro_5283j17147_221

nro_5283j17149a_221     nro_5283j17163_221

Possible questions for pupils:

What do you think the people in the photographs are doing?

Make a list of the different jobs people in the fishing community did.

Answers can be found on the teachers' notes page

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