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Table two

Table 2: Census Records

Click on the PDF below to view the census return for Vernon Pace, Newbiggin in 1891.



Using the census material the pupils can find the answers to the following questions (see teachers' notes page for answer sheet)

  • Who is the oldest person on the street?
  • Who is the youngest?
  • What do the men in the Storey family do as a job
  • Only one of the women on the street is listed as having a job. What is her name and what did she do? 
  • Do you think that she was the only woman on the street who worked? Have you seen evidence on the other tables to help you think about this? 

The final question encourages pupils to interrogate what they find in archive records. If they based their answer solely on census records, they may answer that the women were not employed and only worked in the home. However, by combining these records with photographs, pupils can see that women were engaged in a variety of tasks outside the home, and that the census record is not fully representative.

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