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The Ashington District Star

26th October 2015 - 6th March 2016

The Ashington District Star was born in summer 2014. It is a photographic journal and newspaper produced by local people and photographic artist Julian Germain.

The project was inspired by the world renowned Ashington Group (Pitmen Painters), miners who made paintings about their everyday experiences from the mid 1930s - 1970s. The Star has enabled a new group of  people, who formed an ‘editorial team’, to creatively respond to their environment and develop a contemporary body of work that imaginatively documents the Ashington area today. Published in four editions between autumn 2014 and autumn 2015, the Star was distributed directly to the public by the editorial team who took to the streets of Ashington to hand out the paper and engaged people in conversation and encouraged wider participation during that year.

This exhibition draws together photographs from the Star, along with family albums and archive materials generously lent by local people, as well as original paintings by the Ashington Group. Over the course of the last year the newspaper has built a unique portrayal of the area and its history, shaped by the people who live here.

This was produced in partnership with: Woodhorn Museum, Bait,Creative people and places, Arts Council England and Northumberland County Council.

 Image Credit: Ashington District Star