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The Share: A portrait of Guide Post CIU and the cultural life of a community

 27th June - 11th October

The Share: A portrait of Guide Post Social Club and the cultural life of a community

The Share invited visitors to look again at the historic roles CIU (Club & Institute Union) clubs have played in bonding communities and to celebrate the sense of togetherness that is created. CIU Members will know that The Share is what you purchase along with your membership.  It represents a stake in a club and symbolizes belonging.

This exhibition was the culmination of a 14 month arts partnership project between Guide Post Club CIU and curator Andrea Hawkins. During this time, club members generously shared their time, space and communal history and culture. The project saw members welcome collaborations with artists Mik Critchlow and Emilie Taylor in telling their stories.  Memories and memorabilia were offered to researchers Sue Fletcher and Julie Crawshaw, revealing the warmth, humour and all round clubbability in Guide Post CIU.

Woodhorn and bait commissioned The Share as an action research and exhibition project to support more people in South East Northumberland to take part in inspiring arts experiences.  This partnership with Guide Post Club CIU was made possible because of the openness and generosity of club members in supporting the shared idea that community is important and that art can play an inspiring role in bringing people together to celebrate people’s lives.   

This was produced in partnership with: Woodhorn Museum and Bait

Image Credit: Mik Critchlow 'Guide Post Elvis making his entrance to The Club Lounge' 2014 and Jason Thompson