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Uncommon Ground

23rd July - 11th September 2011

Uncommon Ground was an exhibition of a series of photographic images by North East artist Andrea Allan which capture the Alcan power station located just north of Woodhorn in Lynemouth.

Artist Statement:

“What began as a personal journey into understanding how coal-fired power stations work and contemplating their contribution to society has transformed into a series of images that aim to challenge our views on issues that deal with sustainable energy production. The alien-like structures coming out of the dark interior of the station seeks to reflect the way that society has pushed the artefact of the power station into the very periphery of its consciousness, and consequently devolved its understanding of a major source of its energy.

The absence of people in the series is an attempt to emphasise the ceaseless operation of the plant machinery and to highlight a continuing discourse between society's expectations from energy, our dependence on fossil fuels, and our need for a sustainable energy source for the future.

Through my work I explore the real and imaginary and the gap between subject and object in an attempt to better understand the links between our past, present and future. Combining photography with the written word I am able to weave the ideas of past narratives into the fabric of present places - casting old social and political understandings in a contemporary light.

As it develops, my work becomes a documentary of our time, phrased in the context of our origins and our future. Drawing upon personal experiences and observations, I pull together strands and connections between my work and the greater socio-political arena. I then take a documentary approach to apply these wider ideas to local narratives.”