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Wonderfolk at Woodhorn

Mon 24th July- Sun 3rd Sep 2017

During Summer 2018 Woodhorn invited you to discover the Wonderfolk! 

Wonderfolk was an exciting and interactive quest to unearth the lost world of the Wonderfolk. Deep beneath the trees and fallen leaves existed a forgotten land inhabited by magical and mythical creatures.

Professor Parkyr, a world expert in unexplained underground lifeforms, had been recruited to investigate the existence of the Wonderfolk.  From initial findings, the Professor had discovered a higher than normal level of activity below the ground and had unearthed some very surprising findings.

The experience included the opporunity to visit the Museum of the Wonderfolk and meet the Professor. Take part in a make and take activity to create a blending in hat and then pick up your magical lantern - your mission was to track down and uncover the stories and secrets of the Wonderfolk.

Image Credit- Richard Kenworthy and Jason Thompson