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Archives Consultative Committee

The Archives Consultative Committee was formed in 1999 with the following aims:

•To help formulate policy and plan services which will meet users’ requirements and allocate resources.
•To provide feedback on service improvement.
•To build a strong and constructive relationship with service users, including depositors.

Membership is drawn from the following groups:

•Groups and societies with an interest in our service.
•Service users.

Current membership comprises:

•Sally Bird (Association of Northumberland Local History Societies).
•Jane Bowen (Friends of Berwick and District Museum and Archives).
•Janet Brown (Morpeth Antiquarian Society).
•John Charlton (Academic).
•Alan Clothier (3-D Collections).
•Peter Elliott (Diocese of Newcastle).
•Gerry Langley (Northumberland and Durham Family History Society).
•Grace McCombie (User).

The Service is represented by:

•Northumberland County Council, Executive Member for Culture.
•Director, Woodhorn.
•Head of Collections, Woodhorn.  

The Committee meets twice yearly and minutes of meetings back to 2005 are published on this webpage. Click on the date below to view the relevant minutes. You can also view the current Archives Consultative Committee Constitution from this page.

Archives Consultative Committee Constitution