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Copyright, Order Forms and Publication

Northumberland Archives can provide copies of the majority of items from the collections at Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office and Woodhorn. All copy orders must be accompanied by a signed and completed Copyright Declaration Form. In some instances it may also be necessary to complete a Copyright Indemnity Form. Staff are pleased to advise when the use of this form is necessary. By completing a Copyright Declaration Form or a Copyright Indemnity Form you are agreeing that the copy you are being provided with will be used for ‘research and private study’ only. If you wish to use the copy in any other way you should seek the advice of staff in the first instance. If it is your intention to reproduce any image supplied by Northumberland Archives in a public exhibition or a publication you should follow the Publication Procedure below.

Copyright Order Forms and Price Lists


If you intend to include an image of an item held by Northumberland Archives in a public exhibition or a publication you should complete and return a Publication Request Form. We will then seek the necessary permissions to use the image in a published work. In some instances this will involve contacting the owner of the collection. We therefore ask that you place your request at least four weeks in advance of your deadline. We reserve the right to make a royalty charge for the use of images of items from our collections in a public exhibition or published work. Details of our royalty charges can be found by downloading our most up to date form by clicking here .