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Dinosaur Encounter

temporary Exhibition

24th May - 1st September 2014

Step back to a time millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and get close, really close, to some of these amazing moving, roaring creatures in Dinosaur Encounter.
No one has ever seen a living dinosaur but scientists have been able to give us a very good idea of what they looked like and how they moved. Although we often imagine them as colossal flesh-eating beasts that lived on our planet for an incredible 160 million years, and some were indeed gigantic, some were only as heavy as a Labrador dog and many were vegetarian!

triceratops_3_smaller_200Meet Triceratops, a fierce looking beast with its three horns and bony neck frill, but surprisingly, a plant-eater. Discover Ornithomimosaur who looks like modern ground-living birds such as the ostrich or emu. And then there’s Tyrannosaurus Rex – one of the largest, land-dwelling meat-eaters ever.
The stunning animatronic dinosaurs in this fantastic exhibition will transport you back into a land that time forgot where you will meet the most awesome creatures that ever roamed the Earth…

Don't forget to visit the Explorers' Tent where you can have a go digging for fossils, or pick up a copy of the Dino Trail and explore Woodhorn's buildings to discover more fascinating dino facts. 

Admission charges:

Adult £4.50*
Concession  £4.00*
Child (5 - 16) £3.50*
Family (2 adults & up to 3 children)  £15.50*
Family (1 adult & up to 3 children)  £11.50*
Group rate (advance bookings) £4.00
Under 5s Free

Keep your admission ticket to obtain free parking on a return visit to Woodhorn during the summer. 

*  Woodhorn is a charity and tickets marked with an asterisk* include an optional donation of 10%. By choosing to make this donation, you are helping Woodhorn to continue connecting people to Northumberland's heritage, art and culture.
Through a scheme called Gift Aid, Woodhorn is then allowed to claim back the tax on your donation. It’s worth 25p in the pound to us if you’re a UK taxpayer at no extra cost to you.
Thank you for your support.

And thank you to local company AkzoNobel for helping us to create the atmosphere for our dino experience with gallons of black paint.