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Lesson 5 - Diary Work

You are going to use sources to help you write a diary for Stephen Adamson or Lizzie Adamson, the two children you found in the census (lesson 1). The sources you will use include photographs, census information, and the internet.

Your diary must include:

  • Entries for a full week
  • Activities done each day
  • Some information about school
  • Some information about your home and family

Your diary could include:

  • Descriptions of the good or fun things in your life, e.g. funny stories about your day, your favourite dinners, a happy event for the family, your favourite dinner.
  • Descriptions of the unpleasant or unhappy aspects of your life, e.g. illness, a local mining disaster, living in cramped conditions, punishments at school.

Internet search

Remember that Lizzie and Stephen would have attended school at the end of Queen Victoria’s reign, when all children would be expected to attend by law.
• (there are some good links on this site.)

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