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27th September 2014 - 22nd Febuary 2015

Retronaut Chris Wild spent a year mining Museum and Archives Northumberland's Photographic collections.

Retronaut aimed to unearth pictures that seem not to belong to the time when they were created, that dissolve away the years like tarnish on a ring, that take our collective map of the past and tear tiny holes in it, holes through which we glimpse the real past lying underneath our map.

These were pictures that showed not so much the past as they show "now"- but another version of now.

The exhibition offered a small glimpse into the vast photographic collection held by the Northumberland Archives. You can discover more of these collections through the Museums and Archives Northumberland Flickr stream, online catalogue search facility or through the searchroom at Woodhorn.

This was produced in partnership with: Woodhorn Museum and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation Collection Fund led by the Museums Association and Arts Council England

Image Credit: Kevin Gibson Photography