Section B

Imagine you're going to an 18th century jobs fair and, by the end of the day, will hopefully have found a job in a Seaton Sluice.  First, you'll need to research each profession using archive sources before sharing your findings with the rest of the group. 

Your teacher will divide you into three groups and give each of you a prop as a clue.

(Teacher to divide the class into three groups a give them a prop as a clue.  We would suggest:
For domestic service: a scrubbing brush and a mop cap
For bottle making: a glass bottle
For coal mining: a mining tool or a piece of coal
If you don't have these, you can use our downloadable pictures from here.)

Can you guess what profession you will be researching? Use the questions in your source pack to find out more about your profession.

Source Pack 1: Domestic Service
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Letter from Mary Sharp (2DE 33/8/32)


1. What do you think this document is?
2. What does it tell us about the experience and skills a housemaid would need?
3. What does it tell us about the kind of personality or character the housemaid was expected to have?

Seaton Delaval Hall Menu (NRO 3439/17)
Click here for a transcription.


This source is taken from a bound book of menus for Seaton Delaval Hall in 1790.
1. Can you find the dates when these meals were eaten?
2. What different rooms are listed on the menu? Who do you think would have eaten in each room?
3. What food do you recognise from the menu? What food have you never heard of? What do you think it might be?
4.What are the differences between the food eaten in the parlour and in the servants' room? What are the similarities?

Female Servants' Wages (2DE 33/8/3)
Click here for transcription.


1. What does 'Ditto' or 'Do' mean?
2. What are the different jobs listed for women servants? What do you think each of these people do? Where could you find out more?
3. Which jobs pay the highest and lowest wage?
4. Do you know what 'her x mark' means? Why have some women got this instead of a signature?

Click here to go to Source Pack 2: Working at the Colliery

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