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Woodhorn's Tally Wall

Donate to become part of Woodhorn's story

A miner’s tally was an important part of coal mining history. Every miner had two personalised metal tallies that identified them. One went to the Banksman to hang on the Tally Board when you went down the pit, and one stayed with you until you came back to the surface.

tally_wallThe Woodhorn Tally Wall is a special way to remember people who have an association with this region, coal mining or who simply want to help support the work of Woodhorn Museum & Northumberland Archives. When you make a donation to the Tally Wall, your tally is specially created, bearing your chosen name and message. Your tally could remember family members who worked in the mining industry, celebrate family special occasions, or be given as a unique gift.

Download a form here or pick one up at the museum, fill it in and make a donation of £45 and we’ll do the rest. We’ll send you an acknowledgement letter and a certificate when you make your donation, and tell you when your tally is up on the wall to view.* Your tally will remain on display at the Museum for a minimum of ten years.

We are a registered charity and your donations really make a difference. All donations from this special initiative will go towards our work preserving this important historical site for visitors, and telling the story of coal mining in the North East for generations to come.