Then and Now

This page holds a number of photographs of Spittal.  These images can be compared so we can see how much the area has changed over the years.

Paddling Pool
The two images below show the paddling pools at Spittal.  The first one was taken in the 1960's, 50 years ago.  The second was taken in 2008 - what differences can you see between the two photographs? 

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size images.

    bro_426862_paddling_pool_spittal_221                dsc00492_221  
         BRO 426/862

Promenade and Pier
Here are two pictures of the promenade.  The photograph on the left was taken in the 1940's.  In the background you can see Forte's Pavilion where people could go to buy ice creams and snacks.  The photograph on the left was taken in 2008.  What similarities and differences can be seen in these images?

    bro_426858_spittal_promenade_and_pier_221                dsc00494_221
         BRO 426/858

The cafe has changed a great deal over a relatively short time.  These images show the differences between this area over a period of approximately 25 years.  The image on the left was taken in the 1980's and shows a bustling promenade and beach.  The image on the right however - taken in 2008, tells a rather different story.

    spittal_promenade_221                dsc00499_221

Both of the photographs below show Salmon fishermen drawing in their nets on Spittal beach.  The image on the left was taken around 1890 - over 110 years ago!  The boat the fishermen are using is called a coble.  The photograph on the right was taken in the 1970's.  Look at the clothing the people in each of the photographs are wearing - who would be more comfortable on a hot summers day?

    sl97_221               group_watching_fishermen_221
         BRO 426/SL/97

The images below show the promenade at Spittal.  The image on the left is from a postcard which was sent in 1913, it shows people walking along the promenade.  Their clothing is rather formal.  Think about what you were wearing the last time you visited the seaside; how is it different to the clothing the people are wearing in this photograph?

    bro_426815_promenade_spittal_221               dsc00502_221
         BRO 426/815

The Beach
The photograph of Spittal beach on the left was taken in the 1950's or 1960's.  It shows children having pony rides.  Most of the people in the photograph are sitting in deck chairs.  The photograph on the left was taken in 2008 and shows the beach after some stormy weather.

    bro_426871_beach_and_berwick_pier_spittal_221               spittal_beach_22_10_2008_221
         BRO 426/871

Putting Green
The two images below show the grassy area near the promenade.  In the 1940's (when the photograph on the left was taken) this was used as a putting green.  There were other outdoor games people could play - can you see the gaint chess board in the picture? The picture on the right shows this area as it is today.  The putting green has been replaced by a children's play area.

     putting_green_221               dsc00505_221

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